Tuesday, July 20

Hip Photos

I have been hearing about and looking at the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone, but wasn't sure about purchasing it until I saw the 'Back on the Bike' article in the August issue of Martha Stewart Living

The photos from the article layout were taken with the Hipstamatic app:

The app recreates the look of the 1980s Hipstamatic toy camera. I love the 70s bleached out look. Seeing the photos used in the layout convinced me to get the app. I can't wait to play around with it!


  1. Hipstamatic??? Hm... need to read that article! Love those photos Now, just need to get an iPhone or iPad! Looks like a wonderful App! Have fun!

  2. wow. what will they think of next. love your blog btw. thanks for stopping by gathering spriggs! i love the colors you have chosen. my favs/

  3. How fascinating...I love the tone of the photos...reminds me of family holiday photos...looking forward to reading Augusts’ MSL! …happy snapping Elaine!!!


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